Out of the past 8/3/03

Sunday, August 3, 2003

10 years ago: Aug. 3, 1993

Flood crest predicted for tomorrow at Cape Girardeau has been revised downward to 48.5 feet, according to National Weather Service; yesterday river was 46.8 feet on Cape Girardeau gauge; earlier, crest had been predicted at 49 feet; weather service spokesman says revision was caused by levee breaks north of city.

Perryville, Mo. -- Streets in Perryville remain dry, but Mississippi River flooding has affected this town; levee just few miles east gave way last week, flooding thousands of acres; two major employers, Sabreliner and Gilster-Mary Lee, are under water; number of other businesses, located east of Perryville, also were forced to close, putting people out of work.

25 years ago: Aug. 3, 1978

Mid-August start and completion target of early 1979 is planned by Cape County Cable TV for installation of cable television system in Cape Girardeau; four crews of five men each will be in city at middle of August to begin work; company is awaiting outcome of consulting engineer's report on their plans and specifications.

A $300-a-year across-the-board increase has been added by city council to city's regular pay plan for its employees, according to Mayor Paul W. Stehr; new salaries will add 8.3 percent to 1977's expenses for employee pay and related costs; city manager W.G. Lawley says average city employee will get $44 per month longevity increase and $25 per month across-the-board raise.

50 years ago: Aug. 3, 1953

Southeast Missouri's contingent of Missouri National Guardsmen, 140th Infantry, still damp from 6 1/2 inches of rain and 75 mph winds Friday night and Saturday, have settled back into their training routine at Camp Ripley, Minn.; groups begin their final week at camp with intensive field tactical problems; they will start home by train Friday.

Practically every major league club had representative at American Legion junior baseball tournament held over weekend at Capaha Park, looking over prospective major league candidates; scouts include John Schulte with Cleveland Indians, Charley Sties and Bob Schaffer of Browns, Terry Moore of Phillies, Eddie Leeseman of Boston Red Sox, Vedde Hensl of Cubs, Oscar Seemer of Brooklyn Dodgers, Richard Keely of Milwaukee Braves, Ellsworth Brown of White Sox and Joe Monahan of Cardinals.

75 years ago: Aug. 3, 1928

Fifty-eight-year-old record time set by steamer Robert E. Lee in its run up Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Louis remains undisturbed; Dr. Louis Leroy of Memphis, Tenn., sportsman who was attempting to shatter record set by packet, meets defeat when his motorboat, the "Bogie," struck snag in Mississippi River last night, 20 miles north of Neelys Landing; injury to craft was so grave that Leroy was forced to give up race.

Degrees and certificates are granted 217 students at annual summer commencement of Teachers College at closing exercises; total is largest number in history of school to receive degrees and certificates; Dr. Joseph A. Serena, president of college, gives address to class.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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