Letter to the Editor

Prayers are foundation of healing

Friday, July 14, 2006

To the editor:

My husband and I are writing this as a testament to the uplifting power of prayer. B.R. was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Our immediate and our church family went into agreement that the Lord would heal him. Because of the support from the Cape County Cowboy Church and our immediate family, the tumor has minimized more than 50 percent and is improving with each treatment. Some of the things that our church family has done: They've prayed for us and sent cards and e-mails of encouragement, funnies and spiritual stories. They've called to see how we've been doing. He has not had the reactions to the treatments that one would expect. In fact, if met on the street, it would be difficult to believe he has gone through any treatments.

Our family wishes to express our deepest thanks to them and to our Heavenly Father for placing us into a church that is so caring. They practice what Jesus taught them in his Word. We especially want to express gratitude to the Wednesday-night Bible study and Friendship First groups. They gave us a most inspirational lap blanket. This blanket has Bible verses embedded and reminds us that Jesus heals. It's placed across his lap during treatments. The faith of those who took time to write the verses and sew the blanket unites with our faith, and the love is a constant support. We want others to know of this wonderful church that practices what it preaches.

Mr. and Mrs. B.R. JOHNSON, Cape Girardeau