Cairo councilwoman Linda Jackson calls mayor a liar

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CAIRO, Ill. -- Cairo city councilwoman Linda Jackson called out the town's mayor Tuesday night, calling him a liar who disregards state and local law.

"From day one, you have single-handedly broken the laws of our state, ignored our local ordinances and dictated all city policy," Jackson said of Paul Farris in a news release.

Jackson cites council members not receiving corrected minutes from council meetings and Farris' withholding some council members' paychecks as evidence of the mayor's ignorance of state law.

The withholding of paychecks and health insurance benefits stems from an alleged retaliation against some council members who declined to attend one meeting, which Jackson said was out of frustration with dealing with the mayor and was never a boycott. According to Jackson, council members are not required to attend meetings and Farris has no authority to withhold pay or benefits.

Jackson also attacked Farris' statements in a local newspaper that outlined the salary she received when appointed to the council in 2001, suggesting that the mayor inferred her salary was excessive. She claimed she was paid the exact same amount as other council members.

When reached for comment Tuesday night, Farris said he would make a statement today regarding Jackson's comments.

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