Letter to the Editor

Citizens have ultimate control

Monday, July 3, 2006

To the editor:

While I certainly disagree with the new sign ordinance and find it ironic that campaign signs are exempt, it should be noted that the residents of Cape Girardeau have allowed this to happen by not being more active in the political process. The city council is an elected body of representatives. In theory, they are to answer to you, their constituents. If you do not like the new ordinance, work to change it. Remember, the council does not respond to Speak Out comments or letters to the editor. Everyone who has an issue with the sign ordinance should show up at the next city council meeting to strongly urge the council to reconsider its decision. If the council chooses not to reconsider its decision, then voice your displeasure the next time the council members come up for re-election. Or, better yet, start a recall petition.

This new ordinance has interfered with businesses being able to advertise their business in an inexpensive and effective manner. The new ordinance has had a negative effect on the success of residents' yard sales. Ironically, the new ordinance has not had an effect on campaign signs, as they are exempt. Our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see how our elected officials have exceeded their authority. Politicians can only do what we allow them to do. It's time for the people of Cape Girardeau to take a stand.

BILL FOSTER, Charleston, Mo.