Out of the past 6/29/06

Thursday, June 29, 2006

25 years ago: June 29, 1981

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Cape Girardeau officials voice their protests to the pending plan of the Federal Aviation Administration to close the control tower at the Cape Girardeau Municipal Airport; Cape Girardeau representatives and officials from three other Missouri communities where the FAA has proposed tower closures let their opposition be known to Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton, who called the meeting to solicit opinions on the FAA plan.

The Hecht Family Synagogue -- named for Cape Girardeau businessman Martin Hecht, whose efforts raised money for its construction -- was dedicated Monday on the Mount Scopus Campus of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

50 years ago: June 29, 1956

The Stephens Construction Co. of Cairo, Ill., which has the present contract for construction of the first unit of the Main Street levee, is the apparent low bidder for construction of the second phase of the project.

The first of the Cape Girardeau County wheat harvest began arriving at area storage houses in some quantity yesterday; the Cape County Milling Co. at Jackson reports 15,000 bushels of grain was stored by farmers on the first day and more is being brought in today.

75 years ago: June 29, 1931

While the sun bakes the rest of the nation in a heat wave of almost unprecedented length, Cape Girardeau sees the mercury soaring to a new record high of 99 degrees at the Teachers College; nearly 50 golfers from Southeast Missouri, participating in the annual district open match at the Cape Girardeau Country Club, played yesterday in 98-degree weather.

Making a report in circuit court on the liquidation of the closed bank of Whitewater, J.M. Slagle, special deputy in charge, reports the sale of the bank's building to M.C. Blumenberg for $500.

100 years ago: June 29, 1906

One of the most interesting sights to be seen in this area is the building of the smelter works, just south of Cape Girardeau; the big, strong buildings are going up in a hurry, and more than 50 mechanics are doing work of every description.

Auctioneers Ed Briggs and I.W. Holman of St. Louis arrive on the noon train to take charge of the Marble City Heights lot auction, which will begin tomorrow at 10 a.m.; the Frisco and C.G. & C. railroads have made reduced rates for the many people coming into Cape Girardeau from a distance; this sale will be a boon to many a man.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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