Speak out 6/29/06

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Weed control

As a real estate agent in Cape Girardeau, I typically drive prospective homeowners from out of town to the neighborhood schools. The Cape Girardeau School District needs to do a better job at weed control. The tall weeds in front of Blanchard Elementary almost cover up the sign in front of the school. On the other hand, Jackson's schools look like they are in session. The lawns and flower beds are well-maintained, playground equipment is painted, and there is no trash in sight. It's important to realize the necessity of curb appeal, not only for homes but schools and businesses as well.

Chicks and hicks

COUNTRY MUSIC fans and radio stations did not reject the Dixie Chicks because they expressed a political opinion. Many succesful country stars have liberal beliefs. Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Jimmy Buffett all come to mind. What turned people against the Dixie Chicks was their comments about stars that did not agree with them and their fans being "dumb hicks" who they did not want coming to see them or buying their records. Like a lot of liberals they want to express their opinions and suppress those who disagree.

New ideas wanted

ONCE AGAIN Democrats hold a rally, make angry speeches and call names. As usual not one new idea or plan is presented. It's all about emotion without substance.

Taking account

THE INCOMPETENT mismanagement of the war in Iraq has made our nation more vulnerable than it was before 9/11 and has put our troops in unnecessary danger. The time has come to hold this administration and its Congressional supporters accountable for their record. Our future, our honor, our standing in the world and most importantly our own safety depend upon what we do at this juncture.

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