Speak Out 6/26/06

Monday, June 26, 2006

DeReign fan

IT CERTAINLY has been a pleasure reading Sam DeReign's columns in the Missourian. I have been reading since he has been writing. It has been interesting to see him change from a young high school boy into a more mature man. I especially liked the one about visiting his grandmother in Caruthersville. It is a joy to read his column.

Teach your children

IT USED to be if you gave a graduation or wedding present, a thank-you card was received. I guess that is another thing parents no longer teach their children.

Taken for granted

TODAY'S PRAYER at the top the opinion page helps to start my day in a positive way. I read it before I read the opinion page. It helps me appreciate the freedom I sometimes take for granted.

Beauty where you see it

IT'S SILLY for someone to write in that they see the rise and fall of Democrats and now the fall of the Republicans. Did they take a pessimistic pill before they wrote in? I see kids on soccer fields playing. I see boys having fun at Jackson High School this spring when they go to school to learn all day. Beauty is where you choose to see it in our society.

Picking up

I SURE hope the mayor of McClure, Ill., can do what the mayor of Oran, Mo., is doing, clean up the town. McClure really need to be cleaned up. Get all of the weeds cut down, junk cars moved out of town, and those old houses need to be torn down because no one can live in them. Picking up and cleaning up around your property really would improve your town.

Balloons and birds

NOW THAT vacation Bible school time is upon us, please do not release balloons into the atmosphere. They are environmentally unsafe. Birds see the bright colors in the air, eat them and strangle to death. Let's teach our children to respect and care for our universe.

Political phraseology

AS A neutral political viewer of American politics, I think it looks like the Democrats could learn some phraseology or one liners from the Republicans. "Stay the course," "no amnesty," "cut and run" and "tax cuts permanent." The Democrats as the minority party can't seem to unite and have had a poor showing for several years.

Christian innocence

THERE SEEM to be a lot of comments that point to the double standards of Islam, such as the destruction of the Quran or a mosque by different sects of Islam. Remember the Protestant-Catholic rift in Northern Ireland? Or America's willingness to dehumanize "heathen" Native Americans in the 1800s? Christianity is not so innocent, so let's take the Bible's advice and judge not lest we be judged.

Handicapped graduate

ONE OF the oddest things about the sexual assault of a mentally handicapped woman is probably not politically correct to mention: This woman is reported to have the mentality of a 5-year old and has tested as severely mentally handicapped but graduated from Woodland High School. So is she not actually that handicapped or are our high schools graduating the severely handicapped?

Animals vs. humans

I CERTAINLY cannot bring up any reasons why dogs and cats should not be neutered or spayed. Comparing that to the atrocities on humans at Auschwitz seems rather laughable -- or pathetic, whichever way you want to look at it.

Tax waste

IT SURE is good Jackson got their school bond issue passed. Now they can waste $80,000 of taxpayers' money for a retired principal to walk around and look like he is doing something. Goes to show, if you pass it they will waste it.

License bureau

I WAS wondering why the license bureau was way down on Spanish Street. It should be more centrally located. Most of the city's population is west of the river. I am an elderly woman who drove way down on South Spanish to get my car licensed. I had to make several trips to get all the information required. The license bureau is just a little hole in the wall with little parking.

Golf donations

THANKS TO the Southeast Home Builders Association and golf tournament for another huge success! These people have the best organized, most fun tournament of the season. In addition, they donate everything they make each year to a worthy cause. This year it was the Cape and Jackson firefighters, which is just phenomenal. A great job and thanks for all your hard work.

Inside knowledge

AS A Southeast Missouri classroom teacher, I am quite concerned that Jackson would consider hiring Mr. McClard, and as the Missourian reported, with a potential earnings up to $140,000. I realize everything is working to the benefit of Mr. McClard here, I realize they want to do some construction and the man has inside knowledge the Jackson School District and the needs of the high school in particular. But you can't tell me there are no other people out there who have principal certification or experience.

'Godless' fan

GO, ANN Coulter. Did you sense the hatred oozing from the letter to the editor about Ann's new book, "Godless"? Unless my memory fails me, it is liberals who promote abortion, prohibit school prayers. That sounds godless to me.

You're lucky

THREE THINGS I have to say to the people of Cape Girardeau. The first is, who cares if you can't put up garage signs on street corners anymore? What is $10 to pay for an ad in the newspaper? That is what my family always did. Second, why is Main Street becoming two-way such an issue when every other street is exactly the same way? Are people that scared of change? Third, if garage sale signs and Main Street changing is all people have to be concerned about, consider yourselves real lucky.

City entrance

COMING HOME on Interstate 55, a few miles past the Fruitland exchange, I saw the new Cape Girardeau city limits sign and expect that is where the new entrance to Cape will be. Congratulations to the mayor and staff for getting this new entrance and all that beautiful land into the city for growth.

Raining advice

ATTENTION, DRIVERS. Are you not aware when it is raining you are suppose to have your lights on? I don't know if anyone has been stopped for this, but it is a Missouri law. You are supposed to have your lights on when it is raining.

New science

AS A person with MS, I would like to address statements made in a recent Speak Out. The Missouri stem-cell initiative does not ask for taxpayers' money but rather protects existing, privately funded research. Our children and grandchildren are in more danger of being overwhelmed by the skyrocketing medical costs of taking care of those with serious illness than they are from dollars spent on research. Adult stem cell research has been around for more than 50 years. Though it is extremely valuable and should be continued, most experts say it does not offer the promise of embryonic stem-cell research. The is no high ground to allow thousands to perish because we lack the courage to explore new science.

Terrorists' rights

I SEE that the FBI and the Bush administration has stopped another 9-11 attack on the Sears Tower in Chicago. I wonder if they were spying on people and listening to phone calls. According to John Kerry and a lot of the liberals, maybe they shouldn't do that. Maybe they should let them hit the building first and not be spying and listening to telephone calls. After all this may be violating these terrorists' civil rights.

Higher power

I HAVE lived in Missouri for 20 years as a Christian lady. Thomas Hamilton is wrong. If you don't put your faith in a higher power, you will not be able to rely on yourself. You have to be able to acknowledge the holy spirit in a person's life, and after that maybe they will be mature enough to rely on their self. God does put you in a position if you listen you will learn and be able to change your life.

Walking and talking

I AM so tired of David Limbaugh saying cut and run, cut and run, cut and run. Until he walks the walk, he cannot do the talk.

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