Benton man sentenced to 10 years for April robbery of gas station

Saturday, June 24, 2006

BENTON, Mo. -- A 10-year prison sentence was handed down Friday for a "career criminal" who admitted to robbing a Scott County gas station.

Robert L. Bom, 44, of Benton, pleaded guilty Friday to the amended charge of class B felony first-degree robbery. He admitted to stealing at least $330 from Express Fuel, on Highway 77 in Scott County near Benton.

Following his plea, Circuit Court Judge David Dolan sentenced Bom to 10 years in prison.

Bom had originally been charged with a class A felony of first-degree robbery, which would have been brought a sentencing range of 10 to 30 years' imprisonment.

According to Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter, Bom implied he had a gun and threatened the lives of gas station attendants during the April 26 heist.

Bom was arrested later that night based on a description from the attendants that matched a man officers had dealt with only the day before, Walter said.

Bom had been in another man's truck without permission and fell out when the door opened, striking his face on the ground.

The bruises and scars on Bom were the same as gas station attendants described on the thief's face, Walter said.

The sheriff called Bom a "career criminal," stating the defendant had about 13 prior convictions.

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