Letter to the Editor

Controlling pets is good thing to do

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To the editor:

Oran Police Chief Marc Tragesser is right: Loose dogs get into trouble. The odds are either a person (likely a child) or someone else's pet will be bitten or mauled by a loose dog. Today, if a dog mauls someone the pet owner could go to prison. Dog bites are no simple matter and can result in insurance problems, a lawsuit or worse. Also, some people have a fear of certain breed types.

When everyone has to be responsible and manage their dogs, there is less chance of breed bans and finger-pointing in a community. While you are at it, consider a kennel instead of a chain. This also protects the pet owner and is better for the dog.

Chief Tragesser is being logical by helping pet owners and non-pet owners alike by enforcing a leash law. I wish Zalma had some type of leash law. In the past 10 years since we moved here, there have been two times (that I know about) when people started shooting or poisoning the loose dogs. It all boils down to the fact that the owners needs to protect their pets by managing them.

Keep the peace and praise the chief.