Letter to the Editor

Important to display flags in Cape

Sunday, June 11, 2006

To the editor:

As a former Cape Girardeau resident, I think it's great that CBS will be filming part of the "Early Show" in Cape Girardeau on Flag Day. I think the County Park location would be great, but someone needs to contact the VFW to ensure that the Avenue of Flags will be displayed. As the flag from my grandfather's funeral is one that they have for this purpose, I have been disappointed that Cape Girardeau is usually unable to display them due to inability to have people available to put them out and take them up after the display. I've often wondered why they do not use local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or local church groups to do this. Another idea would be for some local person, or possibly someone from the VFW or American Legion, to ask for community volunteers who would be interested in seeing that this is taken care of. Many other cities are able to display their flags, and as Cape Girardeau has such a large display, it's disrespectful to the many who have served our country that it's not displayed regularly. My grandfather served in World War I, and I'm always so proud to see his flag there. Each flag is on a pole with a plaque that gives identification of the veteran it represents. Maybe this could be food for thought.

VICKIE CASH, Jacksonville, Ill.