Letter to the Editor

Legislative achievements, indeed

Sunday, June 11, 2006

To the editor:

Last week an item touted the legislative achievements of state Sen. Jason Crowell and state Rep. Nathan Cooper. The last paragraph jogged my memory of a moment with Cooper. While campaigning, he handed me a brochure. I gave it back saying, "I don't vote for Republicans." Those words didn't express what I meant. I would vote for a Robert La Follette or an Illinois representative objecting to the war on Mexico named Lincoln. Cooper touted tort, workers' comp and Medicaid reform as three of his five achievements. This is exactly what I meant: so-called reform that benefits wealthy business and private interests at the direct expense of hurt, sick, poor and struggling folks from the middle class on down. As I recall, the brochure touted moral values. Amazing.

ED ROBERTS, Cape Girardeau