Letter to the Editor

John Wilferth's spirit lives on

Thursday, June 8, 2006

To the editor:

We recently had the honor of attending the visitation and funeral of John Wilferth. While we have been close with the Wilferth family for many years and have always been able to attest to how special they are, it was truly amazing to see the vast number of people who cared for and loved John and his family.

The Wilferth family has blessed our special children with the John Wilferth Memorial Fund. It is yet another testament to their caring, loving spirit. Thinking of others and their needs at one of their own darkest hours has to be one of the most selfless acts of love that one can display. We have always been blessed to know this wonderful family, and now their family and friends have blessed us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have wished for John's spirit to live on by giving to his memorial. It will be such a blessing to our family to help cover all the extras of raising one, soon to be two, special-needs children. The generosity of the Wilferth family and friends has been overwhelming to us. Saying thank you seems so inadequate.

We wish that everyone could feel Christ's love through those around them like we have during these last few weeks. It is our prayer that the Wilferth family will continue to be blessed by God's grace and peace while they see the spirited memory of John living on through the kindness they have bestowed upon our family.

MIKE and CORRIE YOUNG, Cape Girardeau