Jackson aldermen turn down subdivision's new plat

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Jackson's Board of Aldermen unanimously voted against the approval of the preliminary plat for Jackson Ridge Estates Subdivision at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

An original plat of the subdivision, which is off Route PP and behind Cathy, Hillcrest and Carolyn streets in Jackson, was previously approved by the aldermen in March. But due to a federal hold on flood plain studies the developer was forced to make adjustments to the plat, including changing several construction phases and only being able to construct one entrance into the subdivision.

Because of the hold on flood plain studies, subdivison developer Brandon Williams could not construct a culvert outlet over a creek that ran off Route PP. The other outlet of the subdivision ran through Hillcrest Drive.

Planning and zoning superintendent Janet Sander said the Federal Emergency Management Agency has a national hold on all county-wide flood plain studies due to issues with levees.

At last night's meeting, Brian Strickland, who was representing the developer through Strickland Engineering, presented a new plat and proposed construction crews use an adjacent farm service road off Route PP. The other outlet, which would connect Hillcrest Drive to the new subdivision, would remain locked until after Phase 1 was complete.

Sander said the developer would be required to obtain a special permit from the federal government before a culvert could be built off Route PP.

Residents in the nearby neighborhood voiced opposition about the proposed plat.

Don Cook, who lives on Carolyn Drive, said the one entrance to the subdivision that runs through his neighborhood would mean more traffic and safety issues.

"We're not opposed to this development, but we want to remain protected," Cook said. "We have one little access to our 40 homes and our kids get out there and play. We're not ready for this," he said.

City officials discussed possible solutions and conditional terms for approving the subdivision. One conditional term was no lots could be sold until there was an outlet constructed off of Route PP.

Sander said if a federal permit falls through, there was no definite timeline for when the countywide flood plain study would be complete.


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