Corrections 5/31/06

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

* In the May 24 edition of the Southeast Missourian, the story about potential Southeast Missouri State basketball recruit Marcus Rhodes incorrectly identified his prep school. Rhodes played his senior year at Harmony Community School, a prep school in Cincinnati, after transferring from Christian Center Academy, where he played as a junior.

The two schools have no affiliation with each other.

Rhodes, who lived in Gary, Ind., through his junior year of high school, was coached at both prep schools by the same head coach, Travis McAvene, who left CCA following the 200-05 season for a position at Harmony Community School.

The Southeast Missourian regrets the error.

* The following bowling scores were submitted to the Southeast Missourian on May 18 but had not yet been published. The Southeast Missourian regrets the inconvenience:



High game: Darryl James 277, Roy Aldrich 264, Michael McGuire 237, Jason Lee 234, Everette Woods 232, Corey Robinson 231, Bryan McCoy 230, David Barberis 227.

High series: Darryl James 717, Roy Aldrich 641, Corey Robinson 623, Charlie Herbst 617, Everette Woods 614, Michael McGuire 612, Jason Lee 600.


High game: Tracy Schreiner 225, Sue Gilley 216, Mary Labirier 215, Erika Kaufmann 213, Kim Best 208, Edna Newbern 202.

High series: Tracy Schreiner 651, Erika Kaufmann 605, Mary Labirier 586, Becca Donahue 540, Melissa Smith 515, Kim Best 513, Gina Hooper 501.

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