Letter to the Editor

Christians need to take a stand

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To the editor:

Once again the Marriage Protection Amendment is scheduled for U.S. Senate debate. This is an important opportunity for Christians to make their voices heard by the Republican leadership. The uninhibited and often unscrupulous liberal media has consistently forced a dogmatic, liberal, pro-gay agenda on America which has become a barrage of pro-gay propaganda. As a Christian, I believe homosexual marriage is not only an abomination to our nation's Constitution, but it is also -- and more importantly -- an abomination to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Remember Sodom and Gomorra?

Without the passage of this marriage amendment, we are not far off from recreating it in our own country. Furthermore, who's to say that homosexual marriage will not be the precedent for more perversion? Multi-partner marriage? Bestiality marriage? Underage marriage? Hollywood has become the favorite venue for promoting the gay agenda. Point and case is the TV show "Will and Grace." Given that the show is more often preachy than funny, the agenda of its producers is clear. "Brokeback Mountain" is another example of Hollywood attempting to give America a vaccination to traditional morality.

The "I'm OK, you're OK" agenda is so prevalent in this day and age (unless, of course, you're a conservative Christian, in which case you are a homophobic hatemonger whose every word promotes oppression). This is the time for Christians to take a stand and fight for the passage of this amendment. Too much is at stake for us to ignore this debate.

LUCAS PRESSON, Cape Girardeau