Man charged in attack on officer

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A man arrested for assaulting a Cape Girardeau police officer while drunk on Memorial Day was charged in the attack and for possessing forged immigration documents.

Police responded to 2813 Whitener St. around 11:30 p.m. Monday on a call of a disturbance in which a man was breaking windows and acting "unruly," police spokesman Jason Selzer said.

An officer knocked on the Carlos Quintas' bedroom door in the Whitener Street home and motioned for him to come outside to talk. When the officer turned around to head out, the man charged and struck the officer on his side, Selzer said.

The strike failed to knock down the officer, who took the man to the ground and arrested him.

The officer later learned the man, who police say was intoxicated, had at some point urinated and vomited on himself, according to Selzer. When they placed him into the back of the officer's squad car, he passed out.

Police found on the man a forged Social Security Administration card and an Immigration and Naturalization permanent residency card in his name but that was actually registered to a woman, Selzer said.

The birth date on the residency card was also different than one on the man's Mexican driver's license, he said.

Carlos Quintas, of the Whitener Street address, was charged with two counts of felony forgery and one count of misdemeanor assault of a law enforcement officer. Bond was set at $7,500.

When the forged documents were discovered, local police contacted U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, who were investigating the documents and determining the residency status of the suspect, according to Selzer.

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