100-Mile Yard Sale opens holiday weekend

Sunday, May 28, 2006

On Saturday, local and out-of-state residents alike flocked to Highway 25 for the eighth annual 100-Mile Yard Sale.

Some local homeowners, such as Debbie Landgran of Gordonville, made a casual day of selling items and spending time with extended family members. Landgran said her annual operation has been going for about four years.

"We just do it Saturday," Landgran said. "We just want to put our six hours in and be done."

Others treat this as something bigger, a business opportunity to cash in on the many passers-by. Tammy Morrison of Gordonville had her lawn full of vendors mostly made up of friends from a flea market. Much of her lawn was covered in tents filled with items like tools, Avon products, coins, furniture and even wholesale paper towels.

Morrison, who considers this a hobby, said thousands of people from "all walks of life" stopped by her house last year, which was the first year she had vendors.

"It's been unreal," Morrison said. "Everyone has something different. It helps everybody."

The sale's creator, Ellen Lowe, said she has been thrilled with the sale's evolution. "In its first year, I had to do everything myself," Lowe said. "Now, we've got lots of help. MoDOT has even put up signs that caution drivers about the yard sales."

Janet Coleman, director of the Dexter Chamber of Commerce and lead organizer of the sale, said there had been more inquiries this year, with more than 5,000 pieces of literature distributed.

Landgran said sometimes the sale can lead to unexpected and rewarding opportunities.

"The biggest item we've sold is a boat," Landgran said. "It sold for $3,500. You never know what you can sell at a garage sale."

Two people who stopped at Morrison's display were Fort Wayne, Ind., residents Nita Seabaugh and Cat Voors. Seabaugh said that she and her friend drive eight hours hours from their home each Memorial Day weekend to see Seabaugh's two sisters in Jackson and to take advantage of the sale.

"This is our third year coming back," Seabaugh said. "People think we're out of our minds. My friends in Fort Wayne tell me, 'I wouldn't do that for nothing.'"

Andrea Bowling of Cape Girardeau, who was looking through clothing at Landgran's sale, said her family has been attending the 100-Mile-Yard Sale for approximately five years and will likely continue to do it in the future.

"We can't miss this," Bowling said. "It's a good way to spend your Saturday afternoon."


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