Speak Out 5/24/06

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Scandal and disgrace

I'VE LIVED in Cape Girardeau for 40 years. I'm familiar with North West End Boulevard and Broadway. Is the city really going to exchange three properties for nine parking spaces at Hardees? This is a scandal and a disgrace. It's unbelievable.

Too much to ask

THE CITY'S annual sales-tax revenue is $8.35 million. The money Mayor Jay Knudtson said was lost because of the tax holiday was $58,000 one year and $30,000 another year. It's interesting that a small percentage like this is a pittance when it is how much they want to raise our property taxes for yet another bond issue, but when it's the city's turn to be generous, it's far too much to ask. Isn't it interesting that the city opted out of the tax holiday after city elections?

Railroad information

I DON'T know where the Missourian is getting its information about the Union Pacific running trains from Rockview to Sikeston, but it is abundantly clear it is not doing any research. I live at Oran. A UP representative came to our school and talked about railroad safety. He said the railroad would be running 40 trains a day through Oran. The UP depot in Dexter also had the information on its bulletin board about 40 trains a day. Several weeks ago, a UP representative stated in the Missourian that the Burlington Northern railroad, which owns the track in question, could on its own double or triple the number of trains it runs now. If UP acquires the same track, it could also double or triple the number of trains. Where the Southeast Missourian gets between 10 and 12 trains a day is beyond me. How about doing some investigating on a topic before printing it? There's absolutely no benefit to the communities affected if the UP is allowed to take over the track from Rockview to Sikeston. There is only the likelihood that railroad collisions will increase, and there will be major delays at all railroad crossings involved. It sounds like the Southeast Missourian is taking sides with UP on this matter.

Spending priorities

I STILL can't understand why people continue to complain about high gasoline prices. They don't seem to mind paying $100-plus monthly for luxury items such as cell phones and cable or satellite TV. Those who are hurting for money might want to consider where their priorities are.

Looking for more

I HAVE no problem with eminent domain being used for the street expansion on Broadway. What I do have a problem with are the individuals who want to use public sympathy to gain more. I never know if the cars sitting in front of the businesses involved are customers or employees.

Deserve a medal

THANKS TO my two neighbors, Steve Hendricks and Chris Goeke, for their help with saving my cat, Pumpkin. She was hit by a car, and the two revived her several times before they made it to the vet. My husband got Pumpkin for me the week before he passed away, and she is the only thing of him that I have left. I know they tried their best to keep her with me. Those two boys are always helping me out, and someone should give them a medal.

Fine the offenders

REGARDING THE new sign ordinance and yard sales: While visiting from Illinois I could not find yard sales due to the ordinance. If someone does not pull a yard sale after the sale, fine that offender. Don't punish everyone else.

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