Letter to the Editor

Get tough on illegal immigration

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To the editor:

The U.S. Senate, in its quest for the image of compassion toward illegal immigrants, is kicking around some truly dangerous ideas, some on the verge of passage. The Heritage Foundation has projected the major effect of the Senate's ideas to be 93 million southern-border immigrants 20 years from now. That means we can kiss goodbye American culture and national identity. By that time, our citizens will be sharing radically limited resources on all points and by all means: government benefits, social welfare, education, health services, litigation, transportation and criminal prosecution.

The political motivations in Congress are pressure by companies and corporation lobbyists to keep cheap labor and the deep well of new voters, which could well put a single party in power for a long time. One could add intoxication of power to this list. I feel those members of Congress who are truly cognizant of their obligation to keep America intact are few and far between.

It's time for us to let our senators and representatives know what we want them to do: effective border enforcement, prosecution of employers who hire illegals and the canceling of part of the "anchor baby" rule that allows babies born on U.S. soil to automatically become citizens, even if the parents are illegals.

H. LEE BROWN, Cape Girardeau