Police: Van carried meth ingredients

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SIKESTON, MO. -- Police making a traffic stop in Sikeston this weekend found materials and chemicals to make methamphetamine inside the vehicle.

Timothy McDaniel, 40, of Paragould, Ark., was charged in New Madrid County with attempting to manufacture a controlled substance.

McDaniel's van was stopped in Sikeston around 7:45 a.m. when an officer saw it weaving from lane to lane, according to a Sikeston Department of Public Safety news release.

The defendant attempted to flee the scene, but was quickly arrested.

When the officer noticed a strong chemical odor, which was later learned to be anhydrous ammonia, he called for a hazardous materials team to secure the area, the release stated.

Inside the van, police found a 100-pound cylinder and a five-gallon air tank converted to store anhydrous. Other items in the vehicle included contraband used to steal anhydrous ammonia and for the manufacture of meth, according to the release.

The van was filled with anhydrous fumes, according to the release. Had McDaniel driven back to Paragould with his windows rolled up, he could have suffered severe damage to his lungs and other internal organs, according to the release.

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