Illinois man faces battery charges

JONESBORO, Ill. -- A Cobden, Ill., man accused of choking his wife and closing a car door on her leg appeared in court Monday in Jonesboro, said Union County State's Attorney Allen James.

According to a news release, Samuel L. Yates, 30, and Laurie Yates, 30, were camping with Laurie Yates' 9-year-old son at Trail of Tears State Park in Illinois on Thursday when the adults began fighting.

Samuel Yates is accused of choking his wife during the altercation, stopping when the boy intervened, James said. The next morning, as the couple and the boy were trying to leave the campground, Samuel Yates closed the car door on Laurie Yates' leg.

When the car would not start, James said, Samuel Yates left to seek assistance, the boy ran from the scene and hitchhiked to school in Cobden and Laurie Yates wandered off.

Laurie Yates was found wandering out of the forest late Friday. She was confused and disoriented, James said, and taken to Union County Hospital for treatment.

Samuel Yates is charged with two counts of aggravated battery and two counts of domestic battery, James said. A preliminary hearing was set for May 30.