Speak Out 5/16/06

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lights out

PLEASE, STORES and restaurants, turn off your lights when you are closed. It is frustrating to pull up to a restaurant starving only to find its closed. Please stop teasing us.

Reckless shooting

I AM a resident at apartments where the shooting took place the other night. How can someone be so selfish as to fire shots into a building that has small children living in it? Suppose the bullets from the selfish act of violence had entered the wrong window and innocent children had been hurt or even killed. People need to seek anger management if they cannot deal with their obvious anger problems.

Street repairs

CAN THE city repair the Broadway pavement by the hospital's new parking garage? It is terrible. Please get it fixed.

Tracking terrorists

SOME PEOPLE are all upset that the National Security Agency is keeping track of phone numbers. Isn't that its job? If some phone in Syria is being used by al-Qaida terrorists to call people in the United States, the NSA needs telephone records to see who the al-Qaida people are calling. The NSA doesn't care if you're calling your Aunt Susie. It doesn't have enough people to listen in on your telephone calls. All it wants to do it keep track of terrorists. I hope everybody feels more confident today.

Working in fields

MY SISTERS went to California decades ago and tried to get a job in the fields. Don't say Americans aren't trying. My sisters wanted summer jobs and were told they wouldn't be hired because of the Mexican workers. The bosses didn't think my sisters would fit in. Picking apples and peaches would be good summer jobs for teenagers.

No confidentiality

THE NSA can't keep its own spying program a secret, but I'm supposed to trust that my medical, financial and personal information obtained from my phone lines will be kept safe and confidential by these yahoos. I don't think so.

Just say no

SHOULDN'T WE be upset with the phone companies that were willing to turn over data on our phone calls? That's who I'm mad at. Can't they just say no to the government?

Lovely park

I ATTENDED a beautiful wedding May 13 at Cape Girardeau County Park. After a week of rain, the Lord sent the sun to bless the young couple. I truly believe that. Who else could perform such a feat on those whom he made in his image. How proud Cape Girardeau should be to have such a lovely park.

Ethnic majority

JAPAN, SWITZERLAND and Sweden are ethnically homogeneous societies and want to keep it that way. In the U.S., many believe maximizing racial and ethnic diversity is the key to our ongoing success as a nation. Most of the opposition comes from U.S. Caucasians who irrationally fear losing their majority status and have often lapsed into rabid xenophobia.

Relying on teachers

A CALLER complained because a teacher sent notes home saying children need lots of sleep and a good breakfast before the MAP test. Parents should have taught this before their children started school instead of needing the teacher to tell them. That's the trouble these days. Parents expect teachers to take over at birth until their kids are grown.

They're responsible

AS MANY local, state and federal Republican candidates attempt to distance themselves from an unpopular president, we should all remember that they are the ones ultimately responsible for record federal deficits, rising interest rates, increasing gasoline prices and the death and disfigurement of our young soldiers in Iraq.

Share the blame

DEMOCRATS CONTINUE to hope Americans forget that a bipartisan vote in Congress sent us to war in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The Constitution does not allow for the president to authorize the use of military force without congressional approval except in rare circumstances. Stop calling the Iraq war Bush's war. It's as much a Democratic war as it is Republican.

Bad example

TO THE Jackson parents who feel they are being harassed by the police: The police are not harassing you. They're enforcing the law. Comments that they should do something else is so typical of the Jackson mentality: Enforce the rules unless your enforcement affects me or my kids. We see this all the time at school too. It doesn't require breaking the law to get your kids to school on time. When adults gripe about following the rules, they teach kids a bad lesson that is sure to backfire someday.

Power outages

THE ELECTRIC power situation in parts of Cape Girardeau in recent days has been worse than that in post-Saddam Iraq.

Not in the river

JOE SULLIVAN suggested that, instead of building a water park in Cape Girardeau, we swim in the Mississippi River instead. I find this alarming. Doesn't he know that, over the years, the river has become a disgusting, polluted waterway? You should not even be in it unless you are wearing a life jacket. I swam in it as a child until I was old enough to realize that it was gross. Why would I intentionally let my children swim in it 20 years later? Not even by building a pool in the river could you make it clean enough. My family and I have already scheduled outings to the water parks in Santa Claus, Ind., and Farmington, Mo., for the summer. If we had a water park here, our money would stay here too. I'm surprised at such a dangerous suggestion. Joe is right in saying that we should not trust his judgment.

Mexico's limits

IF YOU went to Mexico and participated in a protest outside the capitol in Mexico City, you would be arrested and jailed. It is illegal for immigrants, whether in the country illegally or legally, to protest against the Mexican government, to take part in political rallies, to vote, to own property or to have more than a certain amount of money. Yet people from Mexico want to come here and act as if we owe them something.

Bell City woes

I AM a resident of Bell City, Mo., and it makes me sick to see what our school is going through. It's funny how our superintendent thought we ought not to have to pay any money back. Maybe we should've invested some of that $300,000 in an English teacher instead of spending it all on basketball.

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