Speak Out 5/14/06

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Harsh treatment

DID ANYONE notice the size of the countries that are harsher on illegals than us? Japan, Switzerland, Sweden -- all small countries compared to our size. It's ridiculous to argue that Mexicans are harsher on illegals, so we need to be. Americans have always been leaders in fairness, and we should be. America needs a commonsense approach to illegal immigrants.

More efficiency

EVERYBODY HAS finally figured out that ethanol is more cost-effective, less polluting and better than gasoline. The next idea is we have to figure out is how to make ethanol more efficiently, how to make it out of something like sugar cane that will have more energy per acre and be even less expensive. We can also learn how to grow sugar cane that doesn't need nitrogen fertilizer. We can make this more efficient and have less expenses for gasoline.

Young love

IT'S TOO bad someone thinks two lovers who kill themselves because they can't live without each other is stupid. In olden times, parents tended to pick the spouse and there wasn't a lot of say about whom you could marry. I know what it's like to marry someone my parents didn't want me to marry. It was almost like Romeo and Juliet. Fortunately I had a grandma who said, "Let her do what she wants." I was 19 when we got married. If you love someone, it's not the parents' decision to interfere.

Limit parking

I'M CALLING about Penny Avenue between Dunklin and New Madrid streets. It's a narrow street, and there are vehicles parked on both sides. Parking should be limited to one side of the street.

More than a movie

A TV host stated that he did not understand all the concern about the movie "The Da Vinci Code" since it is only a movie. When the Jews were presented in a negative light, demeaned, vilified and caricatured by the Nazis in 1930s movies, I am certain there were many then who also said it is only a movie.

Least of my worries

I WISH my life was so empty that all I had to worry about was grass clippings in the street. It has no impact on me.

Touching column

REGARDING "Last time at grandma's house," Sam DeReign's column: I would have called yesterday, but every time I wanted to call, I got lumps in my throat and couldn't. It was touching, and I enjoyed the column. I wish we had more articles like that. I cut it out and sent it to my sister and asked her to send it on to my other sister. It was well-written.

Going to pot

I CAN'T understand why the city is allowing Lexington Avenue from Perryville Road back to Kingshighway to get so dilapidated with potholes. It's rough riding even in a good vehicle.

Generous man

I WANT to comment about the picture that was in the paper about Floyd Penny giving toys to Children's Hospital. I think this is wonderful. I know he has given toys there. At Christmas, he was Santa Claus for the VIP sheltered workshop at Fruitland. I know he has given food to people who were hungry. It is great to have a man like this in Cape Girardeau. We need to praise people like Floyd Penny when they do things like this.

Beautiful approach

CONGRATULATIONS, Cape Girardeau on the beautiful landscaping at the I-55 entrance. It was worth the 50 -mile trip just to see a good-looking approach to your fine city.

Regulate holiday lights

CAPE GIRARDEAU has many laws that make our community a more pleasant place to live in. Grass cannot grow above a certain height. Signs are not allowed to clutter your front yard. There should also be a law that does not allow someone to leave Christmas lights up all year long. It looks tacky and does no good for our property values.

Burning off energy

I DON'T think removing soda from the schools will do anything. Most overweight kids have overweight parents. Kids are overweight from the food and drink they get outside school. If schools really wanted to help kids lose weight, quit taking away recess where kids can run and play to burn off energy.

Student nutrition

I FIND it odd that only before MAP testing does my kid's school send home notes about a good night's rest and eating a good breakfast. Parents don't get anything about this any other time of the year. Schools need to focus more on the kids all year long, not just when students are taking MAP test.

Illegals on farms

I SUPPORT farmers, but welfare payments to farmers should be made on rare occasions such as helping them through drought years. If people knew the benefits available to farmers these days, they would be amazed. My grandparents and in-laws were farmers. As far as I know they both made a good life for themselves without doing anything illegal. They didn't have to hire fugitives to work their farm. They did it themselves. Why should it be OK for farmers today to harbor criminals?

Questions to ask

MOST SCHOOL board members learn a few education buzz words and think they know what goes on in our schools. They are rarely in the buildings. They don't talk with educators. But they think they know best what to do for our district. They should be required to spend a week in a classroom to see what goes on. They should be asking the following questions: Why aren't current programs honestly evaluated annually for effectiveness? Why do we hire people who are not qualified? Why do we hire people outside the district when more qualified people applied from within? Why are staff members treated differently by human resources regarding days allowed off? And why do we need nine administrative assistants at the school board office?

Great musical

I'VE JUST returned from the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at Central Junior High School. Wow! Cape Girardeau, we have some talented seventh- and eighth-grade students. Mr. Dumey, you've done a great job bringing them all together. Congratulations.

Education advice

IT'S A shame people use the school system to air dirty business. It is time for adults to be adults. The only ones who are going to get hurt are the children. When did the school become all about sports and not education? Let's get back to education and teach our children.

Giving information

I'VE SUPPORTED the president for the most part, although I think he's way off base on how he's dealing with illegals. But if it's true that his administration is informing Mexico about the location of the Minutemen patrolling the border, then I will jump on the impeachment bandwagon. Giving information to a foreign power about the whereabouts of Americans on American soil to assist illegals in breaking our laws sounds like domestic spying and treason.

Why focus on Cairo?

I WOULD like to know what the Southeast Missourian's obsession with Cairo, Ill., is. Cairo is tragically a dying community and has been for years. It is full of political corruption. The mayor and all of the council members are pathetic representations of what used to be fine people who lived in this town. Illinois should do something for this community. Maybe that's what the newspaper is trying to do: bring attention so a government agency with common sense (if there are any) will force these council members and mayor to be culpable. Unfortunately, putting it on the front page of the Cape Girardeau newspaper is probably achieving nothing, and it's rather irritating to constantly have it thrown in our faces when I open the newspaper in the morning. I would appreciate if you would talk about Cape Girardeau instead of Cairo in our newspaper.

School expertise

DO PARENTS in the Cape Girardeau School District realize the large number of teachers who work second and third jobs to make ends meet? These are hours they are not available to make phone calls to parents and do the extras that allow children to succeed in school. Unfortunately, Cape patrons are getting about what they pay for in education expertise.

Not in classroom

I'M A parent of four children in Cape Girardeau. I want someone to tell me why my children's teachers are never in the classroom. I wish I had kept a record of how many times my daughter's fourth-grade teacher has been absent going to meetings. What good is that? Her substitute this week showed movies.

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