Teens in Cape Girardeau protest sex and violence in media

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Approximately 30 members of local church groups demonstrated in front of Cape Girardeau City Hall on Friday in what they're calling a "battle cry," for a reclamation of Christian values among teens.

The nationwide movement aimed to unite more than 100,000 people nationwide at city hall protests decrying pornography, sex and violence in the media.

Local rally captain Krisinda Cook said the events are meant to give teens a voice. "This is about the youth standing up to advertisers and the media and telling them to stop showing pornography and violence and sex. To show them that it's hurting our young people."

One of those teens, Rachel Carbaugh, a Cape Girardeau 19-year-old who attends Oral Roberts University, said, "We want to show kids that there is another way, another path. Our generation is basically being destroyed by pornography. ... It kills."

Participants across the country are being asked to sign a teenagers' bill of rights that reads in part, "we refuse to sit idly by and witness the destruction of our generation."

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