Speak Out A 07/25/03

Friday, July 25, 2003

Save the old bridge

I SAW recently that they were planning to spend about $3.5 million to blow up the old Cape bridge when the new bridge is completed. Rather than spend money on blowing it up, why not spend that $3.5 million on fixing it up and using it as a bicycle and pedestrian path?

Reflecting community

I READ the newspaper to understand what's going on in town, and I'm glad the Missourian ran the story and photos about the bikini bull riding. It reflects our community, good or bad, as a good newspaper should.

No bullets, please

SUPPOSE YOU were sitting in a crowded restaurant when four of five people started shooting at each other. Wouldn't it be nice if you were sitting near the back door so you could leave and let all the cowboys shoot it out? Wouldn't it be nice if you could sit down to a peaceful supper in a good restaurant without having to worry about being caught in the crossfire between a couple of gun nuts?

Greedy insurers

THE DIRTY little secret about the so-called reform of tort laws is that it is not an epidemic of lawyer-inspired greedy little old ladies suing their doctors for cutting off the wrong leg that has caused malpractice insurance rates to skyrocket. It's due to all the money insurance companies lost as a result of their greedy and irrational stock-market speculations. Tort reform will not lower malpractice rates. If you want proof of this, doctors ought to ask their insurance companies how much they will reduce their premiums if state Sen. Peter Kinder's legislation is enacted. Answer? Zilch.

Unwholesome for city

WHAT IS Cape Girardeau coming to? We don't need a year-around spring-break atmosphere in Cape. Cape is supposed to be wholesome for families, not some party town for college students.

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