Home and Garden TV show looking for regional input

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Southeast Missourian

Southeast Missouri's historical homes might hold the key to landing their owners a spot on national TV.

Producers of the Home and Garden Television's long-running show "If Walls Could Talk" are seeking people in the local area who have homes with a story to tell.

"If Walls Could Talk" tells the stories of homeowners who have recently purchased old houses and found something extra in them.

"We look for people who move into an old house, they don't know anything about it or the history of it, and they start to uncover different items or artifacts," said Charity Nichols, a casting/research director for the show.

Nichols said those discoveries often bring up questions in the minds of homeowners, who begin to research the interesting history of their homes. Those are the stories the show is hoping to find in Southeast Missouri.

In its nearly eight years the series has traveled to all 50 states in more than 150 episodes. The show has been to the St. Louis area before, and Nichols said on this time around through Missouri producers wanted to focus on the southeast region.

Anyone with a story to tell can call Nichols at (303) 712-3351 or e-mail her at CNichols@highnoonentertainment.com. Homeowners need to be chosen within the next two weeks.

-- Matt Sanders

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