Results from last week's online poll 5/8/06

Monday, May 8, 2006

The Southeast Missourian's online poll asked, "Do you support political campaigns with financial contributions?" Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100. (379 votes)

* 68.1 percent: No

* 19.0 percent: Yes

* 12.9 percent: Sometimes

Posted comments:

* "Hell no, politicians are crooks waiting for handouts."

* "I support the Democratic party whenever I can. You unfortunatly have to fight big money with money."

* "Should be government financed."

* "Politicians steal enough without my money."

* "I contribute the maximum allowable. Thanks to the SE Missourian for letting me know some tricks on how to get around those limits!"

* "Giving money to a politician is like giving alcohol to an alcoholic."

* "Not just no, hell, no."

* "That's why government is so corrupt. Big businesses have government officials in their pockets."

* "The problem with money is that it buys anything and anyone!"

* "Who can afford to with the current energy prices?"

* "I don't support political campaigns with financial contributions, but financial contributions made to political campaigns support the Southeast Missourian and because of that I know we'll never get an honest spin from you guys concerning campaign finance reform."

* "Are not all politicians crooks? They steal what they need."

* "I figure both political parties have enough money coming their way from lobbyists so I'll save my money and give to not-for-profit organizations who do more for the citizens of this country because they actually get off their high-horse and try to live in the solution instead of name calling and always wanting their way or no way. It's time for Americans to take back our country from the do-nothing politicians who are more concerned with having their personal pockets lined than looking out for the very people who vote to send them to Washington."

* "If they want to run pay for it themselves."

* "I give them what they give back to me. Nothing."

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