Letter to the Editor

Miscommunication on filing

Sunday, April 30, 2006

To the editor:

In response to a newspaper article released by The Associated Press concerning possible disqualification from the August election ballot, I did in fact file my personal financial interest statement with the Missouri Ethics Commission, which is contrary to what was reported on April 26.

To further explain, on Feb. 28, I officially filed with the local election official in Scott County to become a candidate for associate circuit judge in Scott County. I was provided documentation which explicitly states that I did not have to file a personal financial interest statement. The document was signed by an election official and given to me.

I also contacted the Missouri Ethics Commission on Jan. 3 prior to filing to inquire about several issues, including filing a personal financial interest statement. I was informed by an employee with the Missouri Ethics Commission I did not need to file a personal financial interest statement.

This past Tuesday, the local election authority in Scott County was contacted by the Missouri Ethics Commission and informed that I should have filed the above document. Immediately upon being notified, I filed the statement with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

I am confident the Missouri Ethics Commission in its review will realize this was simply a matter of miscommunication.