Speak Out 4/29/06

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Laughable claim

IF THERE'S ever been a reason for a person to laugh, it's at Ken Lay's claim that he didn't know what was going on in all the Enron shenanigans and that he's innocent. Anybody who believes that needs to get down in the floor and roll around laughing, because they're not all together.

Other fuels

INSTEAD OF our U.S. senators and representatives trying to get perks for their districts, it would be much more beneficial for their constituents and the United States as a whole if they would put all that money into developing fuel alternatives. That would be a much greater achievement.

Cut consumption

IF MOTORISTS are really concerned about high gasoline prices and want to do something about it, all they have to do is start driving 5 mph under the speed limit. The amount of gas that will be saved will be enough to send a message to all the oil companies, and it will save lots of gas. If United States citizens would do that, it would be surprising how many millions, or probably billions, of gallons of gas we would save. People aren't interested in changing their driving habits. All they want to do is complain.

Knife still missing

THERE ARE so many things, even at my age, I would still like to know. I'm curious as to why investigators haven't ever found the knife used to kill O.J. Simpson's wife, Nicole, and her friend.

Unscientific conclusion

RECENT CALLERS to Speak Out have used the results of the Southeast Missourian online poll as proof that the majority of Americans favor military action against Iran. I am amazed that anyone would think that a Southeast Missourian poll is scientifically accurate. The Southeast Missourian poll is taken among readers of the Southeast Missourian. The surprising thing is that only 54 percent of readers were in favor of military action. I would have suspected the results would be much higher among this group.

Wasted light

IT IS amazing to me that Americans think nothing of turning night into day with lights. Businesses, streets and not-in-use ballfields at Arena and Shawnee parks glow day or night with unnecessary light. We can find lights at either park during some days or nights burning up what I suppose are our city tax dollars.

Contact the parents

MOST OF the teachers in the Cape Girardeau School District are great. But if you have a student with low grades, teachers should contact a parent. Don't wait until the end of the school year to give that parent a call. I'd like the superintendent to know that all parents are not getting called when a student's grades are low. It's only fair to respect the children and their parents too.

Moms in SUVs

I DRIVE around Cape Girardeau on my job. I guarantee you the worst drivers are not kids or the elderly. It's the moms. I don't care if they want to spend their money on gasoline for gas-guzzling SUVs, but these women can't drive these things. The soccer mom with her big SUV can't keep her car in her lane. Of course, she's yakking on her cell phone. God knows she can't exist without her friends being able to contact her every second of every day. Before people are licensed to drive an SUV, they should have to pass a special driving test. That would eliminate a lot of this garbage.

Bad explanation

REPUBLICANS AND Democrats who favor allowing illegals to stay in this country will explain that they do work Americans won't do. According to USA Today, only 4 percent of the illegals are involved in agriculture, and 19 percent are involved in construction. That's almost a fifth of the illegals doing construction work. I might understand this explanation if Americans wouldn't do construction work.

Parking at school

MY SON just got his driver's license and looked into what he needs to drive to school the rest of this year. We were surprised to find out that he has to pay for a parking sticker to park on campus. I'm a taxpayer. I paid for this ground. I pay for its maintenance through my taxes. I'm amazed my child has to pay to park at school. Every time I turn around government is charging us for something that my taxes are supposed to pay for. This is getting ridiculous. This is public property owned by the taxpayers. The district office says it is unable to tell me how much money these parking fees generate. They told me to call the school. It was unable to tell me. Who's keeping records in this district?

Still in denial

TWENTY-EIGHT years ago a great Democrat asked America to conserve and find alternatives to our fuel. But Americans didn't want to conserve and bought into a Republican myth that we can live forever on what we have. And, by a recent comment, I can see that Republicans still have a suicide pact with denial.

Salute to Kelleys

MANY YEARS ago a family came together with a dream to raise their boys in a safe environment and to have them educated in two systems: the school and that of their dad's business. I'll take the opportunity to introduce to you again to Nip and Mrs. Kelley. After more than 60-some years of service to this community through transportation and other nice things that I know the Kelleys have done, I thank them for their years of generosity. Mrs. Kelley, we kneel to you as one of Cape Girardeau's first ladies, and we sadly miss Mr. Kelley. We thank Terrence for running the cab company all these years and Vince for running construction and road crews and the trucking firm. Thanks to all other family members who contribute to such a great cause in making this a fine city to live in. Thank you, Terrence, for keeping the cab company running as many years as you did. I know you did your utmost best with what you had to work with. You were one of the best bosses I ever had. May the angels in heaven give you comfort and peace to your family and safety always on all your jobs. Godspeed for all you've done for us. We will miss you greatly.

Fuel taxes

FYI, 35.4 cents of every gallon of gasoline sold in Missouri goes to taxes: 17 cents to the state, 18.4 cents to the feds. In Illinois the taxes are 37.4 cents: 19 state and 18.4 federal. Diesel is an additional 2.5 cents per gallon.

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