Letter to the Editor

Setting the stadium record straight

Saturday, April 29, 2006

To the editor:

While I fundamentally disagree with the now redundant complaint that Cardinal ownership failed to spend enough money this off-season and TJ Greaney's recent column, I understand it's hard for most fans to move past the evidence that includes not re-signing Grudzielanek or Sanders. It is important to realize, however, the number of Cardinals, including four starting pitchers and Jim Edmonds, who will require new or renewed contracts before next season. Cardinal ownership will have ample opportunity to open their checkbook, if they don't, then Greaney can logically complain all he wants.

Furthermore, the column's hook was misinformed. Costs of the bricks outside Busch were accurate, but that is only part of the story. First, each fan who bought a brick was sent an exact replica complete with a plaque, a certificate and a map for locating their brick. Obviously, this process greatly cut into any profit. Second, proceeds from the program went to charity. I will not claim that the organization saw no monetary gain in the end, but Greaney's $3.6 million figure was way off base.

As for the stadium as a whole, the claim that fans built it is true in spirit only. Most of the $365 million cost of the stadium was paid for with private funds after Missourians refused to allow tax dollars to fund the project. Busch III may come with higher prices and without the World Series title Greaney feels he's entitled to, but it doesn't come with as many injustices as claimed, either.