Speak Out 4/28/06

Friday, April 28, 2006

Giving good care

ONCE AGAIN on the news there are reports of abuse at a long-term care facility. Yes, there are a small number of bad apples, but believe me the good employees far outweigh their number. We aren't caregivers because of fabulous wages or the stress-free environment. We truly do our best from the heart.

Looking for oil

I TOO have read the stories about all the oil that is being discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. With record oil prices, these wells are being tapped again. For five years, the president has tried to explore and drill for oil in and off the coast of the United States, but Democrats in the U.S. Senate have filibustered any attempt to do this. Because of the Democrats, we are more dependent on foreign oil than ever. Every time I spend $60 to fill my 20-gallon gas tank, I say, "Thank you, Democrats."

Economic growth

THE TIME to speak out is now. Are the people in Cape Girardeau and the Illinois side going to join together to keep a level of decency for our children and wives and be true gentlemen raising families? It used to be that gentlemen protected women. Do you really want your wife seeing a strip club as they drive across the river? I always thought of Cape Girardeau as the jewel on the river. Are we going to keep Cape Girardeau that jewel, or is it going to become tarnished? The time to do something is before we allow the dirtbags to influence our great community. Economic opportunity is for all, and anyone can see that Cape is a growing city. It's just a matter of time before East Cape Girardeau gets some of these good businesses. There's not going to be too much more place for Cape to expand before it crosses the river.

Bashing the president

I TURNED on KFVS12 on Sunday morning to get the weather forecast. To my horror, I got this Hollywood atheist bashing our president. I have never in my life heard such vicious remarks. I could only think of the Bible story of Abraham and poor Lazarus in Abraham's bosom. Believe you me, Jesus is coming on judgment day. These wicked people might see President Bush in Abraham's bosom begging Abraham to send the president to dip his finger in water and cool their tongues. It will be too late. They better repent or they will burn in hell forever. Be not deceived, God is not mocked. He is still in control.

Kelso eyesore

I JUST read the article about Scott City's eyesores. We've got a big one in Kelso, Mo. It's been two years next month since the tavern burned down next to the Kelso apartments. We have a huge pile of dirt with weeds and trash. Behind the pile we have a large hole that water stays in. Behind the hole we have a cut tree with a lot of junk in it. Something should be done about this. Where's the owner of the property, Mr. Mayor? Please, let's try to do something.

Taking a stand

I APPLAUD the school administrators of Scott City, Woodland and Bloomfield for taking a stand concerning the Southeast Missouri State University production of "Romeo and Juliet." Incidentally, millions of dollars of taxpayer money will continue to support more of that type of production at the River Campus.

Paying for labs

HOW SAD that students' tuition will be raised at Southeast Missouri State University to fund science labs while millions in state tax money goes to fund the River Campus.

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