Letter to the Editor

Cape has lots of history that should be shared

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

To the editor:

There are things to see in Cape Girardeau. I grew up in Cape and have lived away since 1985. When I bring my children back to visit, I show them the history of the area. I am very disappointed in the Fort D area. This wonderful historical area has not been restored. Why not? There is much history that can be developed into a historical tour.

Have you walked through Lorimier Cemetery? It is beautiful cemetery that I was not able to visit because of the gate in December one year, but I was pleasantly surprised that I could in April. George Washington has a family member buried there. Did you know there is a tree in Cape that a cannon ball was said to have hit? The tree has a hole in it to this day. Grant's headquarters, the Reynolds House and much more have great significance in our country's history.

Have you been down to see the dungeon at the Common Pleas Courthouse? How many residences are on the historical registry? Seek Cape's history and share it with others. I would pay for an organized tour of the city's history.


Las Vegas