Out of the past 4/25/06

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

25 years ago: April 25, 1981

Area farmers send a message to Washington via 10th District U.S. Rep. Bill Emerson; Emerson holds his third of three district hearings during the Easter recess to listen to farmers' suggestions concerning the farm bill under consideration in Congress.

Construction will begin soon on a new building on the south side of the 2100 block of William Street for Harris Take Home Inc., owners and operators of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in Cape Girardeau and area.

50 years ago: April 25, 1956

Cape Girardeau County voters, in an unprecedented show of unanimity, and by an overwhelming margin, gave approval yesterday to acquisition of 3,000 acres of beautiful Mississippi River hill land as the site for scenic Trail of Tears State Park by endorsing a $150,000 bond issue with which to purchase the tract; countywide, the majority was 9 to 1 in favor of the bond issue, while in Cape Girardeau, the margin of victory was 18 to 1.

The 81-year-old St. Mary's High School structure at Sprigg and William streets is being razed; the original part of the building at the west of the structure was built in 1875 to house St. Francis Hospital.

75 years ago: April 25, 1931

Another set of recall petitions, these directed at Mayor E.L. Drum and City Commissioner Louis Wittmor, are being circulated in Cape Girardeau; within the past 10 days, petitions asking the recall of Commissioner Phillip Steck were also out; some residents are upset that the city council passed an ordinance allowing the Missouri Utilities Co. to build a new plant here, which they say virtually amounts to granting the company a franchise without benefit of a city election.

Jeff Morgan of Delta brings to Jackson the hide of another large bobcat he killed near Delta; it is the sixth bounty he claims from wild cats from that area of the county; the most recent specimen weighed 35 pounds.

100 years ago: April 25, 1906

Cape Girardeau has a royal chance to get another large industry, if residents dig into their pockets again and raise a small amount of cash, which will be secured with stock in the concern; the Liberty Buggy Co., proposes to move its plant here from St. Louis.

A colossal fire- and burglar-proof safe is delivered to the Wilson Bros. real estate company in the Houck Building; it takes a block and tackle to get the immense piece of steel up the stairs.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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