Letter to the Editor

What is AT&T waiting for?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To the editor:

In his April 19 letter, Lloyd Simmons suggests that consumers are without choice when it comes to cable-TV services and that the Missouri Legislature needs to act to bring in new technology. There are ads in this paper quite frequently promoting satellite networks that are direct competitors to cable-TV companies. These technologies have been quite successful at creating competition. But the author is correct. There could be more competition if only AT&T would enter the market place. They don't need enactment of new laws or regulations to get into the video-services market. All they need do is come to the city and ask for a franchise and agree to play by same rules that apply to cable-TV companies.

I ask of AT&T the same question posed by Simmons: What are they waiting for?

HOLLY REHDER, Sikeston, Mo.