Weeks later, Pennsylvania couple claims other half of prize

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The leftover half of a $261.3 million jackpot was claimed by a Pennsylvania couple Tuesday, nearly two weeks after the winning numbers were drawn.

Scott Calligan, 40, and his wife, Marian, 39, chose a lump sum payment of $73.6 million over the 30-year, $130.6 million annuity.

The Calligans bought the winning ticket in their hometown of Cranberry, about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, and said they were shocked when the winning numbers flashed across their TV screen.

"We just sort of looked at the TV and looked at the ticket and looked at the TV and looked at the ticket," Scott Calligan said.

The Calligans, who have a daughter and son, consulted with a financial adviser and a lawyer before taking the ticket to Pennsylvania Lottery headquarters.

They plan to invest much of their winnings in a family trust and a foundation for charitable giving, according to a statement issued by Gov. Ed Rendell's office.

The other half of the jackpot was won by William and Claudia Walkenbach of Hermann, Mo.

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