Senate OKs changing vehicle fees

Friday, April 21, 2006

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The Senate passed legislation Thursday that would raise the fees to register vehicles for some people but lower them for others.

The measure, sponsored by Sen. Bill Stouffer, R-Napton, would make various changes in transportation laws. Among them, fees for motor vehicle registrations would move to a flat rate, rather than a system based on a vehicle's horsepower.

All passenger vehicle fees would be $26.25 a year. Under the current system, fees range from $18 to $51. The most common size of vehicle, according to Missouri Department of Revenue figures, is 24 to 35 horsepower, which is a $24 fee. Under the bill, those with vehicles up to 36 horsepower would pay more and those with stronger cars would pay less than they do under the current system.

The department said the uniform system would be easier to understand and administer. Also, spokeswoman Maura Browning said, few states still have a fee structure based on horsepower.

"It will make our administration of the fees much easier," she said. "It will alleviate any question that customers have who wonder why a car with 37 horsepower costs more than one with 34 horsepower."

The bill moved to the House for consideration on a 31-2 vote. The Senate did not debate the vehicle registration fee portion of the bill.

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