Speak Out 4/15/06

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Building memories

I READ with great interest the lost and saved landmarks. Just the other day I was trying to remember what was on the corner before the SBC building, and it was great to remember. How about doing Kent Library next?

Early ACT testing

I READ the article about the ACT test. I have a granddaughter who goes to school in Delta and took the ACT the first time when she was in seventh grade and scored 19. She has taken one since then and scored 25. She plans on taking it one more time and scoring 30. She started taking the ACT on the recommendation of her school counselor.

Haven't earned it

I AM getting tired of illegal immigrants coming into this country and demanding rights they haven't earned and don't deserve.

Police coverage

WHY IS it that the Jackson police department needs new equipment for the SWAT team that will only get used a few times every other month, yet we do not have enough police coverage for the town?

Not slowing down

SOME PEOPLE say the roundabout made people slow down. Who are the kidding? Most people don't follow the yield signs at the entrances, much less slow down.

Take tough action

SANCTUARY CITIES that welcome illegals should lose all state and federal tax money, and city leadership should be prosecuted for harboring criminals.

Proper channels

THEY ARE not immigrants, they are illegal aliens who entered this country while knowingly breaking federal and state laws. All of them need to be rounded up and returned to their country of origin. I have no issue with immigrants. I immigrated to the United States several years ago. I used the proper channels and applied and was granted a visa.

Preserve America

THE ILLEGAL immigration problem? Bush's fault. Hurricane problems? Bush's fault. Tornado problems? Bush's fault. You stump your toe? Bush's fault. Some people have such blinders on that no matter what is happening, if it's bad Bush is the reason. If it's good, it must be the Democrats who solved it. If Democrats had control, illegals would already be legal, welfare and Social Security would be bankrupt and only Democrats would hold office, because they gave felons and illegals the right to vote. Before long, they'd be handing Mexico and every other country the deed to America as long as there was a promise to vote Democratic. Give me one politician -- Democrat, Republican, independent or otherwise -- who cares about preserving America, and that politician will have my vote.

March in Mexico

ELEVEN MILLION illegals marching in the street could solve many problems. They just need to be marching in the streets of their own country. They could protest the widespread corruption that Mexico is famous for, and they would be out of our country where they keep wages low and strain government budgets.

Job security

THE ROUNDABOUT is what I like to call a job-security project. The city builds a project using the lowest standards and spends a lot of time and money upgrading it over time. Of course, every time the project needs upgrading, the process creates jobs. Eventually, the roundabout should disappear and give way to a four-way stop.

Not a problem

I KNOW the perfect solution for those who hate the roundabout: Do not take that route. Considering there are many other streets, choose another way. I drive through the roundabout a lot because I happen to like it. I don't have trouble or hit the curbing. My biggest complaint concerns those who fail to yield to others.

Lockstep voting

A RECENT comment complained that Cape Girardeau conservatives will continue to vote for the GOP because talk radio was telling us to. The statement could be turned around on the Democrats: "Cape Girardeau Democrats will vote lockstep for their party because CBS is telling them the war is going badly (even though the troops returning home say otherwise), gasoline will be $3 a gallon (even though it's less than it cost in 1980 when adjusted for inflation), and the Bush administration can do nothing right (even though 56 percent of all likely registered voters who were surveyed said they would vote for their incumbent in the mid-term elections)."

A fine line

DON'T THINK Oran is a horrible town. It's the city board members and police chief who are so picky. It's the law, but there's a fine line between trying to get attention and trying to keep the laws from being broken.

Honorable action

ANYONE WHO speaks proudly of an illegal immigrant should also speak proudly of thieves, liars and murderers. All have violated laws that others have chosen to follow. An honorable person should return to his country and enter legally.

Blessings for troops

GOD BLESS our troops in Iraq. God bless their families. You are supported and prayed for your safe return.

Not credible

I'M AN old-timer and know more than a little about the history of the East Cape Girardeau, Ill., nightclubs. It is the most incredulous quote in the history of journalism to read Bud Pierce's disclaimer in the Southeast Missourian to the effect that he had no idea the that the gentlemen's club at the Purple Crackle was going to be a strip joint.

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