A good day for a walk

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Way of the Cross knows no demographics.

There were the young and the old.

Some with strollers, some with canes.

Hispanic families, white families, black families.

Episcopalions, Catholics, Methodists, Baptists.

All gathered in downtown Cape Girardeau on Friday to celebrate Jesus Christ's sacrifice.

"This is indeed a good day, a Good Friday," said the Rev. Bob Towner, pastor of Christ Episcopal Church, at the start of the walk.

Towner gave a brief history of the walk, which is designed to follow the 14 stations of the cross, which explain what happened to Christ as he stood trial, carried his cross and died.

The stations of the cross often are depicted in mosaics or stained glass windows inside Catholic churches, and are commemorated during services in the Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopalian churches.

Similar walks are made each Good Friday around the world.

Volunteers from a crowd of about 100 people came forward at each station to carry the cross, which is made of wood, but hollow, making it lightweight.

At each station, a local pastor or other volunteer read aloud scripture and led a brief prayer.

"We hold our walk in downtown Cape Girardeau so we can remember the Lord who died for us is risen, and is found in the places we need to find him today," said Towner.

This year the cross was carried by a variety of people -- a husband and wife team, two men, a couple of women assisted by two little girls.

The event drew about 100 people and covered stops downtown as well as on Sprigg Street up to Pacific Avenue and Good Hope Street, then back to Old St. Vincent's Church, where the walk began.


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