Speak Out 4/13/06

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Remove the incentive

THE SIMPLEST and most obvious way to solve the illegal immigration problem it to destroy the incentive to come. This would mean eliminating the government support that negates the incentive to work for thousands in Cape Girardeau alone. That's where we need to start. The poor are poor because they choose to be so, and the sooner the government nipple is removed from their mouth, the sooner this immigration problem will go away.

Time to leave

DOES ANYONE else think it is ridiculous that immigrants are threatening us in our own country? They say they will have millions to march for their rights. What rights? I don't get it. This is our country. If they don't like something, they need to leave.

Can they take it?

AREA SCHOOL officials seem to be jumping on board for replacing the MAP test with the ACT at the high school level. I would strongly encourage them to rethink their position. With the ACT schoolwide average, there will be no smoke and mirrors, and the public will see the real truth. Are you sure you're ready for this? If you can get by with limiting the test only to the college and university bound students, then go for it. If not, then it's Katy bar the door for public education in Southeast Missouri.

Hard time, except ...

THE PURPOSES of the justice system are supposed to be rehabilitation, retribution deterrence and protection of society. Virtually all emphasis is placed on vengeance (retribution). That's the way I think it should be. The only exception would be if I had to do hard time.

Doesn't make sense

I'M TRYING to figure out how I can protest illegal aliens and keep my job. The problem is I have to work to support the hundreds who will be added to welfare and Social Security when Congress bows to their demands and lets them stay and receive benefits. Does it make sense to you?

Dancing with stars

AN OUTSTANDING tap performance was given by Paul Fliege, Kelly S. Crawford and Jason St. John as members of the Tip Tap Trio for Poplar Bluff's Senior Happenings Festival. The trio has worked very hard on its routines and deserves a standing ovation. Come support your senior citizens next on the April 27 at St. Agnes Church in Blodgett, Mo. Maybe they'll be the next ones to be dancing with the stars.

Better ending

THE SPEAK Out comment about the girl who comes home from college to tell her dad she is a Democrat should have ended with the girl saying, "Dad, I chose to be a Democrat because I believe the Constitution is reserved for guaranteeing rights and not a place to pass laws saying what people can't do. And my friend Suzy has a little sister who has juvenile diabetes and father who has Parkinson's disease. But instead of finding a cure, the Republican Party would rather misclassify stem-cell research as an abortion and cloning issue for political gain rather than allow funding."

Pushy parents

I HOPE the parents who took their kids to the egg hunt enjoyed themselves. The egg hunt is for the little ones. I witnessed parents dragging kids and picking up eggs for themselves. The egg hunt is for the little ones, not the parents. If they are not old enough to walk, wait till next year. Let the kids enjoy themselves. Parents, you had your time when you were small.

Classy recognition

I ATTENDED the Notre Dame Regional High School musical Sunday night. The show was great as always. What happened at the end of the performance is what impressed me the most. The lead male performer, Adam Reinagel, called up the director, Cynthia King, to acknowledge her hard work and commitment not only to this show, but to all of the shows she has directed over the last three decades. After making this announcement, the center of the audience, mainly students, bolted to their feet and gave this teacher a heartfelt round of applause. Once again, Notre Dame has outdone itself when it comes to teaching the rest of us the meaning of the words "decency" and "class." I know this is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, but it is the little things, put together, that make a school great. Congratulations to King, Brother David and all of the students of Notre Dame. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Engineering design

THE ROUNDABOUT at Silver Springs Road and Gordonville Road was not designed by engineers. How do I know? I am a civil engineer with a transportation emphasis, and I know for a fact that no properly trained engineer would allow such a narrow and unsafe intersection. City officials designed the roundabout, just like the poor designs for Broadway, Siemers Drive, Mount Auburn Road and others. Just take a look at all of the state routes and how they're designed to maximize flow. These roads were designed by engineers.

Roundabout works fine

I'M SO tired of hearing complaints about the roundabout. I drive an SUV and have never had a problem getting around it. Just because you don't want to use your brakes doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the roadway.

Blame it on Bill

GASOLINE WILL soon be $3 a gallon. Iraq isn't exactly going well. Illegal aliens are protesting by the thousands. But I'm sure Cape Girardeau conservatives will vote lock step Republican in November because talk radio tells them it's Bill Clinton's fault.

Made you slow down

I DRIVE around the roundabout every day and have never had a problem. Since the city is widening the roundabout, I will not even have to slow down. It will be able to do 40 to 50 mph when it's done. Being serious, the roundabout was fine when you went slow. That's why I think it was perfect, because people had to slow down. Not many things in this town make people slow down.

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