Letter to the Editor

Democrats have no clear direction

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

To the editor:

The National Democratic Party has no platform, no plan and no clear direction for our country. Stop attacking our president until you can offer a realistic alternative solution. Tell us what you would do differently and how you could realistically accomplish it.

The Democrats send Harry Reid out to unveil their new national defense strategy -- the same Harry Reid who gloated that "We killed the Patriot Act." And what was the so-called new plan? Basically, it attacked President Bush and accused him of sending us into a war (even though Democrats also voted overwhelmingly in support of the Iraq war), rehashed existing policies and championed support for special operations military spending (though it was the Clinton Democrats who dismantled special operations force structure). The so-called plan is nothing more than a press release.

The National Democratic Party has no plan. Its entire platform is based on attacking every decision the Bush administration makes. And that's not a platform. That's an admission of continued failure on their party's part.

President Bush is a decision-maker who has clearly stated his intent and properly resourced his platform. The National Democratic Party and its liberal supporters may not like those decisions, but disagreement, criticism and name-calling is not a plan, nor is it a platform from which they will win an election.