Everybody's a critic: 'Larry the Cable Guy'

Friday, March 31, 2006
'Larry the Cable Guy'

Two-and-a-half stars (out of four)

This movie was better than I had anticipated, but far from fantastic.

It took 45 minutes for any plot to emerge, and for a comedy, the theater was pretty quiet during those first 45 minutes.

There was nothing original about the competitive, back-stabbing or scandal, and the whodunnit mystery that finally surfaces is too easily solved for the regular moviegoer, which makes it rather anti-climactic.

Yet the primarily slapstick humor -- once it gets going -- does appeal to the targeted redneck audience.

To sum it up, if all you're looking for is a few laughs and you're willing to wait a little while for them, you'll like this movie. Otherwise, don't bother.

-- Nicole Peats, student

Three stars (out of four)

You will laugh out loud at this kind-of-crude-but-funny movie. If I had known a little more about the main character, Larry the Cable Guy, I would have been better prepared for some of the scenes contained in this flick.

The storyline is easy to follow. The plot is about a health inspector whose assignments usually include checking out the typical greasy-spoon eating establishments. That is, until he and his new recruit get assigned to check out why someone is trying to sabotage a local cooking contest.

If you are not easily offended by crude but funny bodily function scenes, you will enjoy this film. Granted, some scenes are a little weird but definitely good for a laugh. Oh, and you'll want to stay for the outtakes at the end!

-- Linn Bergfeld, retail sales

Three stars (out of four)

This flick is full of very funny scenes. Sometimes they border on being just a little crude, but that is always the case with the comedian "Larry the Cable Guy." It is the type of humor that he has come to be known for.

The plot involves the two main characters trying to solve the mystery of who is responsible for rigging a cooking contest by trying to discredit the competition involving several five-star restaurants. The main characters do credit to the roles they play. I would not recommend this film to anyone who can't appreciate Larry's form of humor, but almost everyone can come away with something to laugh about.

-- Chris Bergfeld, food service

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