Speak Out 3/31/06

Friday, March 31, 2006

Business image

I CLEAN up the trash left by others in front of my home and business every day. I also sweep the sidewalk, curb and gutter in front of my store. Why? Because I believe a clean appearance encourages customers to shop at my business.

Long hours

I WORK two jobs, one full time and one part time, and 60 hours is the minimum number of hours a week I work. My wife also works, and we just barely keep our heads above water. I had to respond to the person who apparently thinks no one works more than 40 hours a week.

Suspicious signal

I JUST read that the Cape Girardeau Police Department tried to pull over a motorist who didn't use his right turn signal in a right turn-only lane. That one silly mistake by the driver made the vehicle look suspicious. That has to be lamest excuse used by the police to label a suspicious vehicle as suspicious. The police must be looking the other way 99 percent of the rest of the time. Cape Girardeau is famous for vehicles being manufactured with no turn signals, no brakes and lead foot gas pedals. This is where a yellow traffic light means you still have time to get through an intersection. What would have really made the car look suspicious is if the driver had his left turn signal on in the right turn-only lane.

How to avoid jail food

THE MOTHER whose son doesn't like the food at the county jail should tell him not to break any more laws so he won't have to eat that food. It's as simple as that.

Immigration policy

IF YOU come to this country to become a citizen, you should be welcomed. If you come here to work and send your money back to your country and suck this country's welfare system, you need to be shipped back -- and fast.

Business as usual

WE KNOW there are 12 million illegal aliens in this country. Each year 700,000 more illegal aliens cross U.S. borders. Why our administration is not seriously dealing with this problem should be a questions all U.S. citizens ask. Big business wants the illegals here because they will work for little or nothing, suppressing living wages for American citizens. Why pay citizens $10 an hour when they can hire illegals for $5? The aliens can't complain for fear of being exposed and deported. President Bush is simply taking care of his big-business supporters.

North on Main

IT WAS sure nice to see cars traveling northbound legally on Main Street. I joined them and say "Thanks" to the city council for making this change.

Just like fishing

POLICING IS like fishing. You go fishing where the most fish are. You don't go fishing in a mudhole. You hunt for drunks where the most drunks are.

Trains in Chaffee

AS A Chaffee resident, I find it amazing that the mayor isn't concerned about the large increase in train traffic through Chaffee that will occur if Union Pacific's proposal is approved. Perhaps the fact that he is a railroad man explains his lackadaisical attitude. Just three weeks ago the Chaffee firetruck couldn't get to a truck and field fire in time to help because it was blocked by a train at both Chaffee crossings. Access to the part of Chaffee east of the tracks would only get worse for emergency vehicles if the Surface Transportation Board approves UP's proposal.

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