Speak Out 3/29/06

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Two-way enforcement

ILLEGAL-IMMIGRANT problems persist, but while we protest the fact (as well as the financial drain) that illegals are in the country, we also believe they should be protected. Our laws regarding employers not hiring anyone who has no Social Security card are not enforced, because many employers say they need those employees. The Mexicans who are here legally or otherwise and are protesting against new laws against illegal status need to be reminded of something: When Americans go into Mexico, they better have proper papers. The Mexican government is far less tolerant of illegals than the American government.

Writing tickets

WHY ARE the Jackson police writing so many speeding tickets around West Lane and Orchard schools and not so many at the high school or to school bus drivers who drive the buses unsafely?

The American Dream

THIS IS for the young woman who believes those of us on Medicaid think we can have all the kids we want and don't worry about the American Dream. I have a child who was on Medicaid. I'm still paying what Medicaid didn't. I'm disabled, but I'm still trying for the American Dream.

We want buses

THE PEOPLE of Cape Girardeau don't want someone else to run the taxi service. We have been saying for years that we want a bus system so we would have an alternate means of transportation. Why can't we get buses the same size the college has? Listen to what we are saying. We want a bus system. How much plainer can we say it?

Biblical covenant

I CHALLENGE the author of the comment "Biblical caution" to find a passage anywhere in the Bible where Jesus condones abortion. Specific quotes on the subject of killing strengthen a point, that's all. None of them contradicts each other. Jesus did not dismiss the Old Testament. It was God's law. He renewed the covenant. These new-age churches are everywhere now. Anything and everything goes in those entertainment facilities. Christians of convenience decide for themselves what is right and wrong while maintaining all that is pleasurable in popular culture.

Party consistency

PLEASE QUIT criticizing the Southeast Missourian for not understanding the Democratic Party. No one does. The same goes for the Republican Party and all of the other lesser political parties. The only one that is understandable and predictable is the Libertarian Party, because it is consistent in its logic and approach to every issue. Unfortunately, the old saw holds true that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

Stop thimerosal

AS THE grandparent of a beautiful 3-year-old autistic granddaughter and being a retired school nurse, I have given considerable time to the study of this issue. Mercury is bad for pregnant women. Mercury is being cleaned from our water and air, but it's OK to inject into our babies. Does this make any sense? Mercury isn't the cause but the trigger, and this is found out when it is too late. Fifteen years ago internal drug company memos alluded to this and were ignored. Since the amount has been decreased, there have been fewer new cases. Take the mercury out of vaccines. Let's see what happens over the next 10 years. No more thimerosal.

The American way

PROTESTERS ARE key to how this country runs. The country's majority opinion is what controls our people in Washington, D.C. It would be our downfall to let the people who run our country think for themselves. If it weren't for protesters, we would still have racial separation, women who can't vote and African-Americans who can't vote. If the colonists hadn't protested England by dumping tea into Boston's harbor, we would still be attached to the motherland.

Idea, then monster

AS WE fumble through even the simple 1040 tax forms, a few of us realize that the earned income credit, which was devised as an incentive to get single parents to work, has snowballed into one of the largest welfare programs in the country. Most people eligible for EIC (which now includes even single taxpayers with no dependents) know just when to cut their hours or stop working to receive the maximum amount. Most do not use this windfall to further their education or improve their circumstances. It's just one more welfare-type program that started as a good idea but grew into a monster.

Disaster preparation

I HAVE been reading about the proposed quarantine ordinance. Our county and city leaders are absolutely way out of the box on this one. This should be a health department issue. The county commissioners should have nothing to do with any decisions concerning quarantining the public. Ultimately a judge should have the final word. If these movers and shakers want to get behind an issue, consider evacuation plans and disaster plans in case of natural disasters, which remain a much larger threat then a bird-flu pandemic.

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