Speak Out 3/28/06

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pro-terrorist stories

IF THE Southeast Missourian is such a pro-American, conservative newspaper, why does it continue to print AP stories about the terrorist bombings in Iraq, but nothing about the gallant service of our military? We have heroes who are saving lives every day by stopping terrorists and defusing roadside bombs. They are saving the lives of many Muslims and our own troops. If you must print pro-terrorist AP stories, tell us the other side.

Shhh! It's a secret

PLEASE STOP telling people about the Chaffee license bureau. If people from Cape Girardeau start going there, long lines in Chaffee will become standard. It is like a secret fishing spot you do not want anyone else to know about. Or you will show up there one day and not catch any more fish.

Religious freedom

IT IS not tyranny for a person to have someone to look up to such as a Creator. If you want to see tyranny, go to North Korea, Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. For people to believe in God and to express their beliefs in God is what our Founding Fathers fought for. If you rail against the Founding Fathers, you rail against the foundation of this country.

Great work

I RECENTLY attended a trio of plays hosted by Mr. Clubbs' drama department at Jackson High School. The talent displayed by actors such as Caitlin Burress, Grace Blades, Steven Nolkemper and others was refreshing and impressive. Keep up the great work.

Distracting apparel

I HAVE been watching the news on TV. Why do some of the news reporters dress with plunging necklines? Simple casual wear would be more appropriate and not so distracting.

Jail cooking

MY SON has some complaints about the food at the Cape Girardeau County Jail. I know they don't get much to eat, but you would think the cooks would clean the rocks out of the beans and cook them until they're done. It doesn't seem like it would be that much trouble. It's as simple as that.

Tough on litter

I KEEP reading about the problem with trash on our streets and sidewalks. I think it would be worthwhile to fingerprint the trash and to require fingerprints on driver's licenses. That way litterers could be caught and should be fined severely. Most cigarette butts have filters that don't biodegrade.

Need buses, not taxis

I DON'T understand how the county transit authority purchasing Kelley Transportation is going to help. Obviously it's helping somebody, but it's not helping the residents of Cape Girardeau. I don't trust government. Cape Girardeau needs a shuttle system like the university has. That would solve having people wait an hour at the beauty shop before they can go home. Forget the taxi service. Let's get a bus system and stop messing around with other people's tax money.

Illusionary finish

THE SHORTAGE of funds to finish the inside of Cape Girardeau's new federal building has created more than a few problems. I think I have a solution to one of them. It would go a long way toward creating the impression that the building is complete and would boost community pride and morale. In the inside window spaces put cardboard cutouts of famous federal politicians and have them waving and smiling at the masses driving or walking by on the streets and sidewalks below.

Take it like an adult

HONEST BARTENDERS' mistakes? You either card or you don't. You either serve a minor or you tell him to leave. If you got a ticket for serving a minor, it wasn't an honest mistake. It was neglect. The law is the law. Your anger at being caught is obvious. But the finger you are pointing at others doesn't stop the other three who are pointing back at you. Take it like an adult. You did it. Fess up and pay for it like the responsible adult you are supposed to be.

Protect the forests

SELLING OFF forest land under the guise of helping schools (isn't that what they always say when the reasons are murky?) should be opposed because it's the wrong thing to do, not just because the formula is wrong. If the federal government changes the formula, will all the local politicians then think it's a great idea? Is it all about the money? Do they care about the land? Do they care about finding the real reason federal government is selling our national forest to the highest bidder?

Sneaky deal

THE COUNTY transit authority chairman stated in a recent Southeast Missourian article that officials were obligated under law not to disclose the details of the cab company buyout. Baloney. Friends and neighbors, the only reason they can't disclose it is because they signed a paper saying they wouldn't. Why did they sign such a deal? They are working for us and should report to us. If they don't report to us, the elected officials should not be voted back in, and the hired officials should be fired. Just what in the world are they buying? The cabs are cheap models and most are worn out. They rattle and bang and bounce around like crazy, not to mention how dirty and banged up they are. Cape Girardeau residents, look how much our water, trash and sewer bills have increased since the city took them over. Thanks, Jennifer Freeze and the Southeast Missourian, for trying to get to the bottom of this seemingly sneaky deal. We love the Southeast Missourian.

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