Speak Out 3/23/06

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Widening is good

THE WIDENING of Broadway is for our own good. While driving down Broadway motorists almost hit parked cars or cars in the other lane. At the intersections leading to the hospital Broadway needs to be wider so ambulances don't have to wait on traffic.

Providing service

I AM tired of people complaining about the Kelley Transportation Co. Every seat belt is in its place. Terrence Kelley provides free rides every Sunday to anyone who wants to attend church. He donates free rides daily to the Safehouse for Women. I am happy for the Kelleys. They have worked hard for a number of years and have decided to move on to bigger and better things.

A man's castle

TO SAM Blackwell: A man's home is his castle -- unless a woman lives there with him.

A room of his own

WHEN MY son and his wife built their house, part of the plan was for him to have a room he and his friends could spend time in. His marriage is better because of it. It keeps him at home rather than at the bars or playing pool at night like some of his buddies. I wish I had thought of that 40 years ago when I married his mother. Good for you, Sam Blackwell. I bet the next 12 years of your marriage will be better than the first 12.

The good stuff

THANKS TO Sam Blackwell, after 16 years of marriage I decided to create a room of my own. My wife read Sam's column. She felt guilty and gave me the den since she never watches TV anyway. It took a lot of work, but it's worth it. Now I'm surrounded by the good stuff in life rather than a bunch of dried flower arrangements, fancy pillows that I'm not supposed to touch and furniture that I can't set a beer can on. Thanks, Sam. You're the man.

Moral issues

EVERYONE IS for life. Only uber-Christians think they have a monopoly on moral thought. A cure for cancer and the legality and morality of abortion are completely unrelated issues, unless you're putting those stem cells to good use. A 10-year-old's opinion may be good enough for some, but I look for a little more life experience when I want advice. I wonder why so many of our nation's morally superior Christian elite aren't adopting as a way to fight abortion? Probably because that sacrifice requires real effort, not empty words. The Supreme Court will knock down recent state laws banning abortion, because they violate existing law and don't follow precedent, which is more important in any court than what President Bush thinks. Pro-choice still is two-thirds of the voting public, and don't think elected officials don't know that.

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