Letter to the Editor

Sponsors deserve credit for making Libertyfest a hit

To the editor:

As the lead sponsor of the Libertyfest celebration, Old Town Cape has been pleased with the compliments regarding the Fourth of July events. It was very gratifying to plan an event that was enjoyable for so many residents. We are pleased that the 7,000 participants had the opportunity to again experience the historic district and its unique architecture, entertainment venues and the Mississippi River.

Old Town Cape would not have been able to present this event without countless hours from volunteers, cooperating from numerous city departments and financial and in-kind contributions from many businesses. We are deeply appreciative of everyone's efforts in making Libertyfest memorable, safe and fun.

This week the Southeast Missourian will run an ad acknowledging all of the sponsors of Libertyfest. If you know any of these business owners, please thank them personally for their contributions to our community. Please show your appreciation for this even by patronizing these businesses again and again. They deserve the credit for making this even possible.



Old Town Cape

Cape Girardeau