Letter to the Editor

Farris helps inspire hometown talent

Sunday, March 19, 2006

To the editor:

Judith Farris' incredible vocal talent is only matched by her generosity and her love for teaching. I was able to witness this for the third time in four months while watching as she worked with high school actors preparing for the production of "The Pirates of Penzance." With a dry humor worthy of the best stand-up comic, she explained to an audience of anxious young singers the importance of keeping singing "as simple as speaking." Inspired by her humor and her passion, two and a half hours zipped by. At the end, all participants agreed that an encore session was in order -- soon. In November, Judith graciously combined her craft with that of talented young Broadway hopefuls in an evening that successfully raised needed funds for our annual spring musical at Central Junior High School.

In each of these cases, Judith generously gave of her talent and expertise to the community without compensation. Her only reward was the satisfaction that comes from helping interested vocalists of all ages realize the unique beauty that lies in their own voice and helping them maximize the potential to be found in singing naturally. As a native daughter of Cape Girardeau, Judith has made us proud of her world-renowned accomplishments for many years. Thank you, Southeast Missouri State University, for brining this local gal who done good home for us to enjoy and, more importantly, to inspire even more home-grown vocal greatness from the City of Roses.

MIKE DUMEY, Vocal Instructor, Central Junior High School, Cape Girardeau