Speak Out 3/18/06

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Need bus service

I CANNOT believe that a city as large as Cape Girardeau is going to rely on a cab service instead of having public transportation. Most towns have buses, even if they are smaller buses. How in the world can a taxi be as cheap as a bus? It looks to me that with as many seniors and college students as there are in Cape, that something like a bus service would be well worth investing in.

Dogs deserve burial

WOULD THE person whose two beagles were killed on the shoulder between Blomeyer and the bridge please give the young dogs a proper burial?

Trashy 25

HIGHWAY 25 needs a facelift. There is more trash along that highway than usual. Civic organizations used to keep the roadside clean. That no longer happens. If the residents would pick up trash along their own property, what a difference that would make.

Right to choose

I'M 82 years old and never had an abortion, but if I were younger and needed one, I think it should be my decision and nobody else's. This is the opinion of an elderly woman who lives in a Catholic community.

Wasted focus

STATE REP. Nathan Cooper says Missourians don't understand the proposed resolution that Missourians live under a Christian God. I think what Missourians really don't understand is why -- at a time when health care, home fuel and gasoline are unaffordable and many of our older adults and disabled citizens are at risk for lack of health care -- he and his colleagues have time to focus on a ludicrous bill that will not only divide the public, but certainly be declared unconstitutional. We expect those we hire as our state's managers to have better common sense than that.

Ready for change

DAVID LIMBAUGH seems to think the failed Republican-controlled administration will again roll to victory in 2006 and 2008 because he doesn't think the Democrats stand for anything. I've got news for Limbaugh, although deep down I think he knows it already. The people are ready for a change for the sake of change itself.

More demagoguery

I AGREE with the Southeast Missourian editorial that exempting from taxes cars made in Missouri would be bad business. In addition, I think the whole proposal reeks of political demagoguery far beyond anything in the history of this once great state.

Having to choose

I LOVE the comments about how awful the women are who choose to have an abortion. Neither condoms nor birth-control pills are 100 percent effective. Accidents happen. People who have an opinion on something they've never had to experience -- which is not, may I add, a joyous experience at all -- should keep their comments to themselves. You don't know what it's like until you are put in the situation to have to choose.

Reconciled viewpoints

INMATES ON death row are there for a heinous crime, usually involving the death of one or more persons. The death penalty can be easily reconciled with an anti-abortion viewpoint. The death penalty shows respect for life by the taking of life. "Whomever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed." (Genesis 9) You don't get on death row unless you have taken human life. By not having an abortion, you are showing this same respect for life.

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