Letter to the Editor

Cable industry needs competition

Saturday, March 18, 2006

To the editor:

How interesting that Greg Harrison, president of the Missouri Cable Television Association, is trying to convince consumers that Senate Bill 816, the bill to bring real competition to Missouri's cable industry, is a bad idea. This bill would not give any new competitor an unfair advantage. It simply would open the market to real competition that consumers everywhere are demanding. If the competition which Mr. Harrison stated exists, why have cable rates been increasing over time?

State Sen. John Griesheimer has done Missouri consumers a real favor by introducing this bill. Competition would bring us new choices and cutting-edge technology at a lower price than what we're paying for cable today. And even if you chose to stay with your cable company, you would still be paying less for the same package you're purchasing now.

Missouri's largest newspapers, chambers of commerce, the NAACP, senior organizations and consumers statewide have all endorsed SB 816.

Isn't it a little suspicious that the only ones opposing the bill are the cable companies? Consumers need to stand up for themselves and not be tricked into keeping the status quo. Encourage your legislator to open the cable market to competition by voting for SB 816. Texas consumers saved more than 25 percent when competition came to their state. Missouri consumers could be next.

JILL THOMAS, Missouri Coalition for Fair Competition, Crystal City, Mo.