Letter to the Editor

Column displayed poor taste

Saturday, March 18, 2006

To the editor:

The March 12 "His and hers" column ("All hail Wilson, conqueror of snot monsters") by Callie Clark Miller and Bob Miller was a full column of total disgust. Bob Miller's body fluids are of no interest to any of your readers, I'm sure.

As a former language teacher, I can assure you if one of my students had written this, I'd have given him an F.

The numerous references to Miller's "snot" (and I am quoting here) certainly ruined my appetite for breakfast that morning.

What in the world were you thinking? How could this article slip by you? I'm still grossed out and will continue to be every time I think about it. This was very poor taste.

P. BOLLINGER, Marble Hill, Mo.